Lead Pastors | James & Alanna Murray

Strictly Inclusive

A lot of people have perceptions and opinions about Church and some of them quite frankly, are true. But is that really what the church is about, the real church?

Despite popular opinion, the Church is not actually a place for perfect people. In fact, it is purpose-built for imperfect people. Jesus didn’t come for the perfect but for the soul-sick, the down and out, the broken and rejected, the good, the bad and the ugly things in our lives. He is all about people no matter who, what or where they came from, he proved that through the Cross.

We are a STRICTLY INCLUSIVE church. What does that mean? It means we believe that The Church shouldn't be a country club for the morally elite, but rather a hospital of hope for humanity - a place where people can come just as they are and find acceptance, belonging, genuine friendship and ultimately, Jesus. Not only does He love us the way we are, but He also loves us enough not to leave us the way we are.

C3 H M E. is all about discovering Jesus in a community of people who all have unique stories, challenges and experiences but share a desire to do the journey together.

We believe that The Gospel is for everyone, regardless of background, upbringing or church 'experience', the real message of Jesus is one of relentless grace, unconditional love and authentic community.

Our Hope

If you call our church your HOME we have an amazing plan for you. Our hope is that you would …

  • Know Jesus

  • Find community

  • Discover your meaning

  • Make a difference

We believe all these steps are the greatest way to live and experience a meaningful fulfilling life. If you would let us we would love to take you on a journey to discover all these things.

Our Lead Pastors

James & Alanna have pretty much grown up in C3 Church at Oxford Falls. James lead the High School Ministry when he was 17 continuing on to become a full-time staff member at age 21. At 24, James & Alanna became Youth Pastors of C3 Oxford Falls for eight years before moving to C3 San Diego, where they served as Associate Pastors under Ps. Jurgen and Leanne Matthesius.

Having relocated to San Diego for three years they then returned to Australia in August 2013, to start C3 Cronulla (now known as C3 H M E.). James & Alanna have three amazing children and live in the shire, committing to building a Church that is, at its core, Strictly Inclusive.