What are life courses? They are courses individually designed to help you progress in different areas of your life. Each course runs on a Wednesday night, 7pm at the C3 Home building for 10 weeks throughout the school term. Read below for our Life Course options.

Grow Course

The Grow Course is a huge part of the life of our church. This course serves two great purposes.

1. It helps you discover your God given purpose and gifting.

2. If you are wanting to call C3 your Home, then this course is the greatest way to know what we are all about, our story, our beliefs and our hope for you.

The grow course runs for only 3 short weeks, so find a session that works for you, and register below.

Upcoming Grow Course dates:

March 20- April 3 | May 1- May 15 | May 8- May 22 | May 29- June 12

Alpha Course:

Alpha Course is a 10 week course that dives into the foundation of our faith; from prayer, to reading your bible, knowing the person of the Holy Spirit, and how to journey further in your relationship with God. If you are new to your journey of faith or want to have a greater understanding of your faith then this course is perfect for you.

Freedom Course:

One of God’s greatest plans for your life is for you to live in freedom. Freedom from the things in our past that have been an anchor to our lives preventing us from moving forward. This 10 week course is designed to equip you with God’s way on how to get you free.

Leadership College:

A lot of people dream about the future, but leaders create it. This 9 week course is designed to equip you with practical skills on how to lead and love others well. An extremely practical course that will make you a better leader in any area of life.

Upcoming Life Course Dates:

May 1- July 3 | July 24- Sept 25 | Oct 16- Dec 18

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